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Just as Hoover is actually a brand that became synonymous with vacuum cleaners, so Transitions is a brand that has become synonymous with photochromic (react-to-light) lenses. They have led the way in their design and their most recent offering is the best of the lot (gen 8).

Using an advanced disruptive nano-composite matrix and a new generation of ultra-agile dyes (we have no idea either), the new design reponds quicker to bright light and goes clearer faster indoors (thats what weve been waiting for since the last major design change in 2005) - DARKER / FASTER / CLEARER lenses at Adams Opticians in Dewsbury in 2021!

Transitions Gen 8, Style Colours, XTRActive and Mirror options are available with all our premium Essilor Single Vision and Varifocal lenses, 

for only £79  - book a consultation or eyetest now to learn more about these fantastic lenses


Light is essential for our sight and our overall well-being. Part of the light spectrum that enters our eyes can be a contributing factor of eye diseases such as cataracts and AMD. Transitions technology blocks 100% UVA and UVB light rays and selectively filters and harmful Blue-Violet light indoors from modern light sources, and outdoors from the sun. Your new Transitions lenses will help contribute to your overall eye health.

Grey or Brown? how about blue, or green, .... or 14 other colour / style options?

Transitions Style Mirrors blue.jpg
Transitions Style Mirrors green.jpg

Most photochromic lenses are available in brown or grey colour options, some brands now offer grey/green as well. Transitons offer a whole load more colour options including Blue, Green, Warm Brown and Purple (Sapphire, Emerald, Amber and Amethyst in american)

Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 13.22.14.png
Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 16.05.28.png

Normal photochromic lenses dont work in the car,

our XTRActive Transitions do.

Best for extra protection, even in the car

Uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the brightest sun outdoors and harsh artificial light indoors. Transitions XTRActive are extra dark outdoors protecting your eyes from the brightest sun, even in the hottest conditions. These lenses darken behind the windshield to protect drivers' eyes from sunlight.


Myths About Transitions Lenses

Myth 1: Transitions lenses aren’t fully clear indoors.

Transitions Gen 8 lenses are fully clear indoors in all colors: grey, brown, and graphite green.

Myth 2: Transitions lenses cannot turn dark in the car.

Transitions XTRActive lenses darken behind the car windshield. For the darkest tint, I’d recommend Transitions XTRActive in gray.

Myth 3: Transitions lenses can replace sunglasses.

All Transitions lenses are 100% UVA and UVB blocking which make them a great solution for UV protection when sunglasses cannot be worn. Transitions lenses are an enhancement over clear lenses, helping to protect from harmful light indoors and especially outdoors.

Sunglasses have a constant non-light and non-temperature dependent dark tint, making them more ideal for prolonged outdoor activities. Transitions lenses are ideal to use as a replacement for clear lenses in conjunction with sunglass wear.

Myth 4: Transitions lenses are ideal only for the older population.

Who in your experience is light sensitive when stepping outside on a bright day or first entering a room with harsh fluorescent lighting? Everyone, right? Transitions lenses are ideal for auto-adjusting to changing ambient light levels indoors and out. 

Its like magic, Mirrored lenses that go clear. ..

Having been involved in optics for a very long time, its not often that you see things that make you really sit up and take notice, mirrored lenses that get darker in sunlight have been around for a while, but they always have gone from a medium tint to darker and back. The new transition style mirrors actually go clear so they can be worn indoors and and at night. Its like magic, but real science. Something to do with those nano-composite matrixes and algal dyes mentioned earlier no doubt. 


There’s more, Transitions Style Mirror lenses block UV rays and help reduce exposure to harmful blue light, indoors and outdoors.Additionally, the photochromic technology inside the lens ensures optimal comfort when outdoors providing you the right intensity of tint at the right time.These aren’t lenses you have to wear: these are the lenses you’ll want to wear. 



Make a statement and showcase your style with lenses as remarkable as you are. As you move outdoors, watch as the cool mirror effect becomes truly eye-catching. Indoors, enjoy a light mirror effect with a very light tint for a trendy look. Your style, wherever life takes you.


  • Protects your eyes from harmful light(1)

  • Adapts to surrounding light conditions

  • Optimal amount of light reaches your eyes

  • Mirror effect when activated

  • Light tint when unactivated, for a trendy look

Transitions Gen 8, Style Colours, XTRActive and Mirror options are available with all our premium Essilor Single Vision and Varifocal lenses,  for only £79 - book a consultation or eyetest now to learn more about these fantastic lenses

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